The conversation started with some civility but soon spiralled into a raging argument only musicians can create.  I casually brought up my interpretation of the widely seen documentary ‘Food Inc.’  Two of my friends had seen it – two did not want to watch it – and the drummer, well he doesn’t own a TV or a laptop (a self-anointed Luddite).  If you’ve not seen Food Inc. – I would suggest you do. It appears to be an unbiased, straight-forward overview of our food supply chain. It ain’t pretty. I was truly unaware of how much corn we consume.  Our discussion quickly veered off into many interesting tangents.

“I think it would be smart to support local organic farmers! You know the fifty mile radius theory”, said the guitar player.

“No, someday I’m going to buy a piece of land and start farming, canning and preserving just like the way it used to be” said the fiddler.

“These documentaries all have an axe to grind. It’s all big business behind this shit. Trust no one. Our food system is fine” said the bass player.

“If Willie, Mellencamp and Neil are for helping farmers then we should support the farmers too! I’ve been on to this for years. Where have you guys been” said the writer.

Finally, as if tired of being ignored, the drummer cracked open a can of Red Bull, poured a bag of Dorito’s onto the table and said “Who gives a fuck?”

Here’s a song written when I was eighteen years old and finally recorded last year.

Farmer’s Cry


One thought on “Nights at The Round Table

  1. Okay, that made me laugh out loud! I saw the movies Super Size Me & Fast Food Nation and they were enough to creep me out for life! One of these days I’ll watch Food Inc., when I’m feeling the need to feel even worse about myself and my consumption.

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