Ok, I know there’s no accounting for taste. We’ll never be able to understand why some folks like Brie and some like Cheddar and some don’t like cheese at all.

Last weekend, two of my brothers and I stayed up until the wee hours, imbibed way too much and cranked You Tube videos all night long. It was a blast. We all took turns choosing our favourite video.

I picked Jeannie C. Riley (three times lol) and her take on the Tom T. Hall classic – Harper Valley P.T.A. (google the entire story).
I want to marry this woman. Right here in this video. I want to be reborn, learn to play the dobro and stand beside her on this fake porch forever. The white go-go boots, the bouffant hair-do, the eyes, the orange dress, the quirky smile. She sings this with intent. She IS pissed off at the double-standards of the folks in this small town. That goes for you widow Jones!  Mind your own business. Reminds me of Hilton Beach for about ten thousand reasons.

I love you Jeannie C. Riley!


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