Bass player – “You guys should have seen this place the last time I was here. I’ve never seen so many stunning women in one room. I couldn’t concentrate. Really! It blew my mind!”

Accordion player – “I haven’t been on a date in months. I’ve been saving up for a new Hohner I found on Ebay. It’s killing my social life. Tonight is MY night. I can feel it boys.”

Fiddle player – “They stock Chimay in this place. Now that’s what I’ve been saving up for!”

Singer – “Hey don’t get too wasted, this is an important show tonight.”

Fiddle player – “Why, who’s coming?”

Singer – “Well, according to these guys, about one-hundred beautiful women who are looking to hook up with accordion players.”

Fiddle player – “So what does that have to do with ME drinking too much?”

Singer – “I was thinking when word spreads about this miracle we may have more credibility if we can claim we were sober when we witnessed it.”

Fiddle player – “You want a miracle? Get that table in the corner to put down their iphones during our first set!”

Singer – “What’s on tap?”


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