Alright, alright…I’ve been AWOL all week and have been fielding emails about my vanishing act. I guess this is encouraging. Blogging! Hmmm….Quite the commitment once you get going.

I’ve had hate mail galore. The Don Cherry debate sparked controversy beyond my wildest imagination. He is equally reviled and loved and there seems to be no grey area with him. Oh how we rush to judgment.
I would suggest all haters to think about ‘poet and persona’ type of stuff. You like Gary Glitters Rock and Roll? I’m sure you do. I’ve seen you stomping along at hockey games for years. I’m sure you don’t like Gary Glitter though. Well, that’s a good thing.Hell, they highlighted Chris Brown at the Grammy’s. What else can I say? I don’t necessarily agree with everything Grapes says, but I like the way he reached out to thank me. Just being human. That makes him ok in my books.

More simply put, I don’t agree with all of my father’s politics but I love my dad. You get the idea.

I’ve had some very encouraging emails as well. Many of you have so much to say and it’s great to read. I would just ask that you post your emails in the comments sections below the blogs. Good and bad. It’s all part of it.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, that means I’m going through a good phase of songwriting. Writing these musings on here is cathartic but  the energy is different. When the songs start coming, it’s like flood gates opening and I have to give it my full attention. It seems the gates are open right now and as such I’ll be at my guitar with pencil and paper each day.

Right now, I’m finishing a long diatribe on my love of funk music, The Electric Company, Richard Pryor, Soul Train, blaxploitation movies, Sanford and Son, The Wire, my first friend in life who just happened to be black and a song I wrote about it all.

Long live Superfly. Now how great is this? Talk real soon.


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