I Really Don’t Remember

I released this song on my 2011 CD Passing Through. The title suggests the Canadian ‘white mans’  collective amnesia and outlines the main problem (in my humble opinion) on the subject of aboriginal affairs: open and frank discourse.
In this story, the narrator participates in a Canadian studies course where a Micmac guest lecturer discusses rising suicide and homicide rates due to air force plane testing over their land. Our narrator, a ‘white man’ who was befriended by many Ojibwe feels he has earned the right to ask a simple question: “Why can’t we have the white educator’s and the tribal chiefs sit down and talk about how we can help the aboriginals situation?” The fact that he is told by the professor that it is wrong to ask such a question is the point of the song.  Why is open and honest discourse shunned? Well, the Idle No More movement seems to be speaking to this point.

As my Objibwe friend once said to me “Sometimes I believe the white man is simply trying to get to where we once were.” I’ve often thought about that. Perhaps this paved paradise is just an illusion. Along with the Acadian expulsion, our handling of our First Nations people is Canada’s worst dirty little secret. I’m not too well versed on the subject other than to say I’ve spent many an hour talking to folks about it all. Some educated and some living it. I can just sing songs about it that hopefully make people re-think their positions. It pains me to see anyone suffer that long.

Anin Anishinaabe!

Here’s a free download of the song for you. Re-post this for your friends. Share it and join the movement. It’s more than important.      https://www.yousendit.com/download/UW15L0dEaytubVc1aWNUQw


4 thoughts on “I Really Don’t Remember

  1. Great song, Jay! Probably the first I ever heard that refers to the Garden River Reservation. “Jay Standing Scared” (if that’s what you actually sing) is brilliant, and the Kris Kristofferson allusion is nice too. Gotta catch you live somewhere sometime.

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