Your Sad and Lonely Heart

I’ll be touring through a town near you this year with my new CD ‘OVERTIME’. 

Here a sample of what you’ll be hearing from the latest album. 

“Your Sad and Lonely Heart”. 

See you soon. 



3 responses to “Your Sad and Lonely Heart”

  1. Hey kid When will you be in thornhill next?? I wouldn’t mind doing a jay fundraiser at the restaurant if you would play for us?? Let me know!!!! Miss you We sure had some laughs Karen

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  2. Hey Jay – great song ! I want to hear it live sometime at the Jordan House – when are you coming back ? I’ll back you up on trumpet if you want to do ‘ Ring of Fire ‘……………Paul

    1. Hi Paul,
      I’ll be bringing the band down your way soon enough. We’re heading on a major x-Canada tour to promote this CD but I’ll follow up with Jerry about this show. It was packed the last time and a great listening crowd! See you all soon. Spread the word.

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