Today, I am reminded of how fortunate and blessed we are living in Canada during peaceful times. Today is International Holocaust Day today and we should all give pause and prayers. I was fourteen years old when I discovered my oldest brothers University text books in our basement bedroom bookshelf. Wedged between Aristotle and Plato – I found a tiny little paperback entitled ‘Night’ by Eli Wiesel. Likely too young to be reading this book without explanation or emotional preparation, it forever changed my life. For years I was terrified by the images, the stories, and graphic depiction laid out in this novel. This powerful narrative of a boy and his father in the Auschwitz concentration camps in Nazi Germany…it left a mark so deep that I knew I would forever be a pacifist. After studying the great political philosophers, I stumbled into a course entitled WAR in my 3rd year – taught by the amazing Professor John Sigler. He emphasized the first line of the text (paraphrasing) – “Ask yourself this one question: Do you believe that mankind is intrinsically good or evil?” Part of the analysis of this answer involved the Holocaust. How could this be possible? How could humanity allow this? What are we capable of? I cannot express how it makes me feel but I will simply say that today I will say a few prayers to that great ? in the sky hoping that we’ll all figure how to coexist peacefully. I believe that we are intrinsically good in spite of contradictory evidence. Last night I had the strangest dream….


One thought on “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

  1. A wonderful piece, Jay. We are very lucky to live where and when we do …. I give thanks regularly to those who allowed us to experience the peace we do …. We all should …. Thanks Jay….

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