A musical acquaintance of nearly twenty years ago friend requested me today. It was the strangest thing as for some reason, only a few days ago I was reminiscing about a studio session he’d helped me with. I’m glad he’s survived the battle – that raging battle to live clean. He was (and thankfully still is) a brilliant harmonica player and I’m glad to know he’s still traversing the planet making music somewhere.
So here’s one from the 1996 release “Howling at the Moon” written in Ottawa / recorded in Toronto.
A long forgotten CD that I recorded with my long time engineer/producer friend, sax player extraordinaire Chris Hess.
We recorded fifteen songs on this CD on a digital 8 track mixer in his apartment above a pizzeria at Yonge and Steeles in Toronto. He was a full time Long and McQuade employee then and they allowed us to set up shop in the retail outlet at night to utilize a vast array of instruments to record whatever-whenever-however we wanted. We were just rookies.
I was going through my Astral Weeks phase and Chris was exploring world music sounds well beyond my comprehension.
In fact, shortly after recording this record he would find himself as a founding member of Punjabi by Nature – soon to be playing festivals of 60,000 people grooving along to the blend of Ska, hip hop and Punjabi music. Bruce Cockburn famously sat in the wings watching the show, only to tell Chris that his band “F’n rocked!”
It was only a short period of time before this, we were meddling around with sounds and exploring ways to put my lyrics to folk music. It always amazes me how things go.
Chris and myself went on to produce four more albums together and I don’t think we’re done yet.

Over the years, I toured with several bands and played many folk festivals and opened for quite a few notable artists. I never quite got the memo about taking it all too seriously. If I only knew then what I know now. These days, I feel much more artistically alive and stronger yet my cache for festival appearances seems all too diminished. I guess that’s the way it goes. I was once the youngen given a break too.

PROSTITUES AND POLITICIANS is the song most requested and played from the album Howling at the Moon. An album which I’ve pressed to the tune of 5000 units. I was reluctant to start posting these songs for some reason. I guess I wanted them to fade into the distance…but this old harmonica blowing buddy reminded me of a time when I was creating – uninhibited – exploring – leaving in the rough spots and often overproducing. So I thought “What the hell?”

The song was inspired by some stellar street scenes from my Byward Market apartment window in the nations capital. To the southern skyline were the green tinged peaks of the Parliament buildings, while directly below me, ladies of the night worked their magic, soliciting the suit brigade of government workers stumbling home from a night of lonely revelry.
Yeah, it all played out like that.

I remember starting this song in the apartment then walking down to one of the many seedy bars below me for a libation. I eventually made it home (safely alone) with the words scribbled onto my pocket notepad. (Pocket notepads? Those were the days.)
I haven’t heard this song in literally fifteen years. I can’t tell if it’s too long gone, overdrawn, right-on or still lost in the 90’s. Ain’t it funny how time slips away…

“Prostitutes and politicians
I guess I’m somewhere in between
Dollar bills and places offering cheap thrills
And countless pictures of Jimmy Dean
Countless pictures of James Dean”

Hey Dick Clark er Casey Kasum,er Ryan Seacrest…I dedicate this one to ELIOT SPITZER.



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