If you’ve read the chapter entitled: The Sludge Boat you’ll know I did a very short, horrendous stint on a cruise ship during a weak moment about ten years ago. When I arrived back home to Toronto, I was perusing a Goodwill thrift shop and came across this poster entitled: AT SEA. I didn’t realize it at the time but it was a numbered lithograph by Chilean artist Sergio Gonzales Tornero (born 1927).It just reminded of the ship of fools Gonzales-Tornero-At_SeaI’d left behind in Barcelona so much that I had to buy it.The price tag was $50 – ridiculously expensive for a Goodwill.The girl at the counter informed me it was 50% off day, so with that, I shelled out $25 and bought it.I brought it back to my apartment and eventually put it into a nice new frame.Over these past seven years of being transitory, I’d totally forgotten that I’d left it in my sisters basement.I just found it today and realized it was a numbered (66 of 100) and signed lithograph. Here’s what I found out about Sergio online:”Sergio Gonzalez-Tornero was born in Santiago, Chile on May 27, 1927. He studied in Chile, Brazil, the United States, the Slade School in London and at Atelier 17 in Paris. Principally a printmaker, Gonzalez-Tornero has had more than forty solo exhibitions in Chile, Canada, Europe and the United States. Sergio discussed his printmaking technniques in an essay on page 325 of The Art of the Print by Fritz Eichenberg, ISBN 0-8109-0103-X.Gonzalez-Tornero was awarded a fellowship by the New York State Foundation for the Arts in 1987 and a grant from the Adolph and Ester Gottlieb Foundation in 1990. He is a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists, Boston Printmakers and the Philadelphia Print Club.His work is included in numerous international collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Metropolitan Museum, the Brooklyn Museum and the New York Public Library. Gonzalez-Tornero is married to printmaker Adrianne Colum whom he met at Atelier 17.”Now I’ve also just discovered that auction houses have it listed as high as $1500 US. Wow! Can this be real?



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  1. It’s karma man……good things are coming

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