My Mocha-Choco-lata-ya-ya moment

In the truth is stranger than fiction file…here we go again.
I was having a Starbucks Coffee at the Indigo reading a newspaper – minding my own business – when a random businessman sitting next to me loudly put his order in with his colleague to buy him a double Mocha-Choco-lata-ya-ya while turning to affix his gaze on my newspaper.
I was reluctant to move or utter a word. I knew this guy, who’d crammed his gelatinous frame into his Italian suit was sweating over the chance to engage in conversation.
I didn’t have to say a word.
“Hey, are you reading about that crazy girl who randomly stabbed that guy? She was a good looker too! It might come out she was a terrorist!”
Still I didn’t look his way. I just mumbled – “Uh yeah…I don’t think so!”
That was all it took.
“Well, I don’t know but I think she might be a terrorist. You know what I mean? Hey, think what you will of Donald Trump, but at least he calls it like he’s sees it!”
I looked up and made the mistake of turning toward this guy.
“Uh, I’m not quite sure what to make of what you’re saying but I fail to see the connection between it all.”
I foolishly thought this one comment might get me out of this ridiculous situation.
He continued “Yeah we have Jeb the weakling. Pataki – well he was on the children’s stage. Cruz – he’s sharp as a tack. Knows about the Triad. Trump didn’t know about the Triad….”
and on and on and on. Literally without a breath for 10 solid minutes.

I looked over to see his colleague still in line and it appeared I was going to be held hostage for another ten minutes with this dude’s boredom offense. I had to make a move. I felt trapped.
“Well, you’re talking to someone who’s left of Bernie Sanders so talking about the conservatives is lost on me!”
Now, I want to explain that I’m private about my political leanings and I may or may not be left of Bernie Sanders but that’s not the point. The point was I just wanted to get this dude out of my grill. He was ruining a perfectly good Indigo hang.
Suddenly his buddy arrived back at the table with their coffee’s and just desserts.
He said to his colleague “This guy is buying into that socialist Bernie Sanders!”
I just stood up, grabbed my coffee, folded my paper and began walking away.
The colleague said “Hey pal, do you know who this guy is?” Pointing to his friend.
“Um. NO I do not.”
“He runs a successful firm at King and Bay. What do you do?”
“I’m a songwriter.”
“Well he could make or break your career. Do you know that?”
I thought, oh you poor bastard, you and 50 other MBA grads were likely Koreshed by this sociopath into believing your dreams of a gold plated, hollowed out world would come true if only you could keep building that pyramid to nowhere on the backs of innocent investors.
Instead I said “ he could not. Some things are not for sale. The difference is, I can write a song about peace and try to make the world a better place. He can’t do that.”
The big man once again blurted out “Well MEEEERRRYYY Christmas to YOUUUUUU!” in a loud sarcastic tone.
I turned back and said ” Happy Hanukkah” while flashing the peace sign.
Then he screamed again “THAT’S WHY YOU LIKE BERNIE SANDERS!”
I just walked away.
I came back to my room to eat a Swanson’s Turkey dinner to celebrate Christmas and all of the great people I’ve met over the years. I feel lucky to know you all. We’re all in this together.
I hope you all have a good one this year with family and friends and loved ones. Say a few prayers for the artists out here…we’re always saying some for you.


One response to “My Mocha-Choco-lata-ya-ya moment”

  1. Hi Jay …been missing you …when are you coming our way ? Merry christmas where evr you are !

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