Chip Taylor // Hugh’s Room Live // March 7 (and WHY YOU NEED TO GO!)

Hello friends,
this is a concert you need to know about. Like the rest of the world, I grew up singing Wild Thing and hearing Angel of the Morning just about everywhere. (Thanks, Shaggy!)

As a songwriter in the business I must confess to being only vaguely familiar with Chip Taylor (the writer behind so many hit songs), so when my friend and publicist invited me to see Chip perform I jumped at the chance. After that performance, I sought out every single thing Chip ever wrote. I went deep for three solid years. In fact two tours ago, I filled the six-CD player in my car with only Chip Taylor records.
The Little Prayers Trilogy, F#!K All the Perfect People, New Songs of Freedom, Block out the Sirens of this Lonely World (my personal favourite), The Trouble with Humans, Live from Ruhr Triennale (with Carrie Rodriguez)  New Songs of Freedom.

I eventually met Chip and had a brief conversation with him.

Told him how much I appreciated his contributions to the world. He played “F#!k all the Perfect People” for me. Here’s a cool video of that song:F#!K All the Perfect People

If you live in or near Toronto and have Wednesday, March 7th free, you need to join us at Hugh’s Room. In fact, I am trying to get about 20 people together at a big table. Let’s do it. You need to catch Chip. I promise you it’ll be a night that will make you feel better about the world.

If you’re wondering why you’re receiving this email in Vancouver, Whitehorse or Halifax it’s because I want you to tell your friends and family in the GTA to get to this concert. Really!

I was not asked by anyone to hype this show. I am only hyping it for pure love and respect for this artist.

Buy tickets here:

NOW – Read the official press release below for the REST OF THE STORY.

If you (or your friends) decide to come, please let me know so we can all sit together.

“Block out the sirens of this lonely world…let them know just how great you are!”

Media information // For immediate release
Please retain for event listings



Chip Taylor wanted to be a professional golfer. Then he became a prolific songwriter who’s given the world at least two songs that everyone knows — “Angel of the Morning” and “Wild Thing.” And along the way he had a career as the sort of gambler that gets barred from Las Vegas for winning too much, and he’s been a bookmaker’s nightmare on the racetrack.

Now he’s set for a concert at Hugh’s Room Live on Wednesday March 7, with Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Sarah Jane Scouten as his special guest.

WHO: Hit songwriter CHIP TAYLOR with special guest SARAH JANE SCOUTEN

WHY: A rare opportunity to spend an intimate evening with a warm-hearted songwriter and storyteller

WHERE: Hugh’s Room Live, 2261 Dundas St. W, Toronto

WHEN: Wednesday March 7, 2018. Doors 6:00 pm, show 8:30 pm

HOW MUCH: Reservations $27.50 in advance at or $32.50 at door. More details 416-533-5483.

Get this out of the way first: Chip Taylor’s brother is actor Jon Voight (which makes him Angela Jolie’s uncle) and he knows more about cards and racehorses and golf than any one man ought to.

As a songwriter and performer since the ‘60s his material has been covered by everyone from Anne Murray, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt to The Troggs, The Hollies, Waylon Jennings, Juice Newton, Shaggy and Janis Joplin.

Now in his 70s, he remains a prolific writer. After a hiatus during which he made a living in casinos and on racetracks, he returned to music in 1993 and has since released more than 20 albums on his own label, Train Wreck Records.

He’s also an engaging, funny storyteller, and Hugh’s Room Live is the perfect intimate setting for his wry sense of humour.

The opening artist is Sarah Jane Scouten — a perfect complement for Taylor’s warm onstage presence. Ms. Scouten has just returned from her fourth European tour, and will sing at Hugh’s Room Live after a lengthy tour in western Canada.

A quote to put Chip Taylor in context:

“If names like Willie Nelson, Guy Clark, Kris Kristofferson and Townes Van Zandt mean anything to you, you should make a point of discovering Chip Taylor. Whether you know it or not, he’s earned his way into that exalted company.” — American music writer Anthony DeCurtis.



“Wild Thing”:
“Dance with Jesus”:


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