THANK YOU receives a heartfelt THANK YOU


February 4, 2023

Sometimes the best reviews on a project come directly from the intended recipients. In this case, a healthcare worker who contributed pictures to our THANK YOU video / song project (found here: (
wrote me the following email. 

Hi Jay,  I opened your link and was speechless with just a stream of tears. I watched the video over and over. Moved beyond words. Nurses and frontline workers are so broken right across this country, it’s a perfect day and time to release your song. Your song and video are the reason why we nurses keep going, even though when we go to work now we don’t know when we will get home again, could be 12hrs, 16hrs, 20hrs, even 24hrs. Nurses and Frontline workers will be proud to hear your song.
From nurses coast to coast,

THANK YOU for reminding us why we do this. It’s for people like you! ❤️


One response to “THANK YOU receives a heartfelt THANK YOU”

  1. Thank You Jay for these heart felt, honouring lyrics, for. Canada’s front line workers! 🇨🇦
    I appreciate the musicians who performed your song Jay! Roxanne Potvin and JD Edwards.

    Best Wishes to you Jay… Take good care.

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