Your Perfect Matador Re-release Day!

Hello friends, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know that today is the day we re-release my latest album Your Perfect Matador. It’s a day I’ve long anticipated and it calls for a celebration. What should we do?  Well check this out first : Share it! But first, I should acknowledge theContinue reading “Your Perfect Matador Re-release Day!”

Somewhere Stephen Hawking’s Laughing: The Year That Was 2019

Where to start with the year that was? When I woke up this morning I thought I’d be inspired to write you a long rambling piece about the state of the music industry, El Duce to the south, how I got a handle on alcohol, how I almost died in a car fire, how andContinue reading “Somewhere Stephen Hawking’s Laughing: The Year That Was 2019”

Mitch Podolak – Rest in Peace

The world lost one of its premiere folk music ambassadors this weekend: Mitch Podolak.  Imagine Mt. Rushmore without Lincoln. This is a huge loss. Personally, I’ve lost a spiritual advisor, intellectual jouster, artistic curator, employment counselor, employer, breaded veal cutlet impresario and eventually – a friend. I’ve just put the finishing touches on my firstContinue reading “Mitch Podolak – Rest in Peace”

A Good Place to Be: An Afternoon with Morley and Me

Sometimes a story finishes itself at the just the right time. This is one of those amazing stories. The cycle feels complete on this one. I debated where to place the big ‘reveal’ in this story. That’s an important discussion. Where should the ‘reveal’ happen in the arc of a storyline? In this case, I’mContinue reading “A Good Place to Be: An Afternoon with Morley and Me”

Simple Pleasures and Buried Treasures

Watch this little interview first: The last time I saw Prine was at Massey Hall about 13 years ago. My girlfriend snuck us in backstage by sweet talking the security guard at the back of the theatre. We made our way down the hallway to stand in line with the other autograph seekers (aboutContinue reading “Simple Pleasures and Buried Treasures”

Chip Taylor // Hugh’s Room Live // March 7 (and WHY YOU NEED TO GO!)

Hello friends, this is a concert you need to know about. Like the rest of the world, I grew up singing Wild Thing and hearing Angel of the Morning just about everywhere. (Thanks, Shaggy!) As a songwriter in the business I must confess to being only vaguely familiar with Chip Taylor (the writer behind soContinue reading “Chip Taylor // Hugh’s Room Live // March 7 (and WHY YOU NEED TO GO!)”

Another Thanksgiving Day night at The Costa-Lessa Inn.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I am sitting in the bar of this hotel speaking with friends I’ve met over the past few years. This hotel is north of perogy line (The Yellowhead Highway) in Manitoba, Canada.  I don’t want to tell the name of it is as I believe it will be betterContinue reading “Another Thanksgiving Day night at The Costa-Lessa Inn.”

The Singing Country Folk Poet

I’d just finished my stint in Nashville leaving behind several great friends who’d helped me find the heart of another Saturday night! You might know some of them from the Canadian roots music scene: Melanie Brulee, Jadea Kelly and Cindy Doire. I’m a lucky man to be occasionally surrounded by such youthful beauty and supremeContinue reading “The Singing Country Folk Poet”

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Every year around Easter time I remind myself to watch this Monty Python classic: The Life of Brian. This closing ditty always got to me. The absurdity of blind optimism in the face of such horrific circumstances: to be hung on a cross whistling and singing “AlwaysContinue reading “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

My Mocha-Choco-lata-ya-ya moment

In the truth is stranger than fiction file…here we go again. I was having a Starbucks Coffee at the Indigo reading a newspaper – minding my own business – when a random businessman sitting next to me loudly put his order in with his colleague to buy him a double Mocha-Choco-lata-ya-ya while turning to affixContinue reading “My Mocha-Choco-lata-ya-ya moment”

There’s nothing GOLDEN about these so-called GOLDEN years son!

It’s your 94th birthday today dad. And Mom you’re going to turn 90 in three short weeks! Amazing really. I’m touring the Yukon and thinking about the party I’ll be missing. Wish I was home. Tonight, I’ll be singing your song at the show: The Bells of Retribution I wish the world could thank youContinue reading “There’s nothing GOLDEN about these so-called GOLDEN years son!”

Part 2 – Excerpt from The Chicken Came First. Chapter 12: The Rise and Fall of Jake Rivers

I made my pit stop back at the motel a quick one. I took another thirty minute power nap, changed my guitar strings, put on black jeans, black shirt, black boots, black belt (with silver belt buckle) and mentally morphed into Jake Rivers during the short drive over. Upon pulling up the building, I noticedContinue reading “Part 2 – Excerpt from The Chicken Came First. Chapter 12: The Rise and Fall of Jake Rivers”

Excerpt from The Chicken Came First. Chapter 12: The Rise and Fall of Jake Rivers

The Rise and Fall of Jake Rivers It was the perfect day to drive around the mountains.  A Saturday in July and I’d finished my show in Chilliwack the night before. Chilliwack! What a classic Canadian band! (Wish I had the same affinity for the town) “Whatchya gonna do when I’m gone”.  I’ll tell youContinue reading “Excerpt from The Chicken Came First. Chapter 12: The Rise and Fall of Jake Rivers”

The Chicken Came First – Preface

Hello friends, If it feels like I’ve been a bit stingy on the ramblings lately well that’s just because I’ve been hoarding my words for this book. With some cajoling by many of you and a fierce internal battle about it all, I’ve decided that the world needs another book much like I need aContinue reading “The Chicken Came First – Preface”


Just a very quick update to those of you across Canada who read my occasional musings. Something is happening here and you should know what it is – isn’t that right Mr. and Mrs. Jones? I’m recording my first live record. I realize you may not be in Toronto but I’m sure you may haveContinue reading “LIVE RECORDING: THE CHICKEN CAME FIRST: JAY AYMAR and THE ABERCROMBIE ZOMBIES – LIVE”

PT 3: CHEERS! Where everybody knows your shame!

PART 3 (from Part 2) I knew something was up because Zoran was always much too busy to actually sit and break the bread during a Saturday dinner rush. “Jay, tonight’s a special night as my parents are visiting. They have friends and relatives coming in from the old country. We’re going to reserve theseContinue reading “PT 3: CHEERS! Where everybody knows your shame!”

PT 2 – CHEERS! Where everybody knows your shame.

PART 2 (from Part 1) I was playing my guitar regularly by then and had written a bunch of self-indulgent songs about hitch-hiking, kings and castles, fish in the ocean. They were all shit. A few of them found their way into a CBC contest and they made a little demo of my stuff. IContinue reading “PT 2 – CHEERS! Where everybody knows your shame.”

Cheers…Where everybody knows your shame

A few days ago I wrote a letter to my friends, fans and family across Canada with the hopes of cheering a few folks up, appeasing my conscience and basically offering some holiday goodwill. I even mentioned three times throughout the diatribe that I was very sorry for anyone I’d left out as it wouldContinue reading “Cheers…Where everybody knows your shame”

One of These Days, I’m Gonna Sit Down and Write a Long Letter

I suggest you watch this video first. It’s my postcard to Canada and ALL OF YOU! THANK YOU! I sincerely wish you all a HAPPY HOLIDAYS. For the million people I simply didn’t mention in this letter – please forgive me – it was all stream of conscious writing and I couldn’t deal with revisingContinue reading “One of These Days, I’m Gonna Sit Down and Write a Long Letter”

Shuffle those sticks, assemble your lines

In Memory of Jean Beliveau For those of you who’ve been my shows you’ll already know about my parents Madeline and John who are still going strong at 88 and 93 up in the Soo. You’ll also know that they had 8 children who are all in some way or another ‘a bunch of hams’Continue reading “Shuffle those sticks, assemble your lines”